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Get Active IP Address


Check Computer Name

One of the annoyances when setting the Computer Name in macOS via the System Preferences->Sharing pane, is that if you're in a corporate environment using DHCP, the HOSTNAME will be set to whatever name is assigned by the DHCP server.

This becomes a problem when third-party daemons reference the hostname; it's almost impossible without viewing the DHCP logs to figure out what the actual Computer name is.

In order to confirm whether the ComputerName/HostName/LocalHostName were all the same on a given system, I wrote the following:


Set Adobe Cache Path

Recently, I was tasked with changing the default Adobe Cache path on systems that were running low on disk space.

Adobe Premiere is especially greedy when it comes to allocating space for it's cache files.

Here's what I created to address this:


Creating a User Account

Unlike various other nix based systems, macOS doesn't have a script to create a User Account.

Below is a script which will create a local account on a system...